torsdag 18. august 2011

Liverpool - Part One: Family Gathering - my first, but not last trip to this lovely city - July 2011 - meeting many nice, distant relatives

Welcome to Liverpool
Albert Dock - Liverpool - Photo:RandiAa©
The trip of my life to Liverpool started on Thursday July 28th - Plane journey with City-Hopper Trondheim-Amsterdam-Liverpool was a smooth, fast and easy way of travelling - will go the same way next time.
Russell and June from Liverpool, and Kristin from California met me at the airport. Did I deserve all this hospitality?
On our drive from the airport to my Ibis hotel, Russell and June had arranged a little visit to the eldest of the Stene line in Liverpool, Clifford. he is grandnephew of my great-great-grandfather Ole Johnsen Stene.
What a dear, old man, with all his brain and senses "intact", and in addition - a lady's man. He told about his time in RAF during the war, we discussed TV programmes, soaps as well as news and Foyle's War.

We even had a little sing song with "You are my Sunshine...." and the like.

Clifford Steen born 05.09.1915 - Liverpool - Photo:RandiAa©
Clifford's house: daughter Debbie, Randi, Kristin, June - Liverpool - Photo:Russell©
Dinner in the evening at The Pump House pub in the Albert Dock area. More information on Albert Dock here.

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Liverpool Gathering - a set on Flickr  - Photo:RandiAa©
Liverpool-gathering - Jane and AnnaDebbie - Clifford's daughterClifford Steen - Liverpool (born 1919)Kristin from California visiting CliffordJune and Russell visiting CliffordVisiting Clifford Steen
Cunard building - Liverpool (Kirsten, Russell, Robert)Port of Liverpool BuildingCunard building - Liverpool (Kirsten, Robert, Russell)Cunard building - Liverpool (Russell-June-Kristin-Robert-Kirsten)Sight-seeing - Liverpool (Kirsten, Kristin, Robert, June, Russell)Cunard building - Liverpool
Towards St Nicholas (June-Randi-Kristin-Kirsten-Robert)Towards St Nicholas (June-Kristin-Kirsten-Robert)Liverpool-GatheringLiverpool -The Nordic ChurchLiverpool -The Nordic ChurchLiverpool-gathering
Liverpool-gatheringLiverpool-gatheringLiverpool-Gathering - June and the chefLiverpool-gathering - tableLiverpool-gathering (Kirsten, Bodil)Liverpool-Gathering

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  1. Sounds lovely, Randi! Good pictures!

  2. It was great Gerd....I hesitated going to this Gathering, but I will never regret!