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Liverpool - Revisited: Easter 2013 - "Yellow Duck" and Museums - Part Four

Pier Head and Waterfront - -Photo:RandiAa©
Keywords for the day's activities - Tuesday 26th March:
  1. Breakfast at "Base"
  2. Albert Dock
  3. Liverpool Wartime House Museum
  4. International Slavery Museum
  5. Museum of Liverpool
  6. Dock history
  7. The Yellow Duck Marine tour
  8. Lunch Starbucks
  9. Shopping
  10. Dinner at Jamie Oliver's Italian.
  11. Night Cup at Starbucks
  12. Football England Montenegro TV
After breakfast at our "base camp" we went straight down to the Albert Dock to buy tickets to the renowned Yellow Duck Marine. Though the tours with "the yellow" went every hour, and we were there before 11, we did not get tickets until the trip that went at one o'clock. Then we had two hours to visit some of the interesting museums or sites around Albert Dock.
First we went to Liverpool Wartime House Museum, The Piermaster's House - interesting to see a typical British working class home from the 1940s:
Nearby we found the International Slavery Museum. Here we followed the sad story of the triangular trade and slavery, but we also got a glimpse of African art and history:
Inside International Slave Museum - Photo:RandiAa©
A rest in African suroundings - Photo:RandiAa©
Passing the rock'n-roll-star Billy Fury, we next went yo Liverpool New Museum:
Billy Fury at Albert Dock - Photo:RandiAa©
Museum of Liverpool is inside this fantastic building: 
Museum of Liverpool - Photo:RandiAa©
There was a lot to see and do in all the different departments in this museum - also for kids and young people it was exciting to test and examine many curiosities.

In particular the history of transport was exciting for a young boy:
The Train Lion - Photo:RandiAa©
Criddle & Co - The Green Tractor - Photo:RandiAa©
It was time for another means of transport:
The Yellow Duck Marine
The one we had tickets for was on its way back to the Dock - it was the very one that the Queen had tried out on Diamond Jubilee tour - see video:
In The Yellow Duck Marine - Photo:RandiAa©
In The Yellow Duck Marine - Photo:RandiAa©
Our Ibis Hotel right ahead - Photo:RandiAa©
Queen Elizabeth and The Yellow Duck Marine:

While sitting in the yellow duck I actually thought, "strange that this heavy, lumpy thing can stay afloat in the water, a wonder it doesn't sink" - and having arrived back home, I got a message from Russell: "glad you did not take the duckmarine tour yesterday, one of them sank in the dock!!"After the duck-tour we spent time wandering about, taking pictures, having lunch at The Starbucks', shopping and sightseeing - our route for the day looked like this:
Liverpool here and there - April 26th - 17.48km
This evening it was dinner for two, only Magnus and me - we made the decision together: Jamie's Italian
More crowded outside when I was there in summer time -  Photo:RandiAa©
"Jamie's Italian
Store Opening Times
Monday - Sunday: 12pm - 11pm
As Jamie Oliver once said – “I should have been Italian. There is such diversity in lifestyles, cooking traditions and dialects. This is why as a chef I find this country so exciting and what inspired me to create Jamie’s Italian”. The menu is driven by what you’d find ordinary people eating over in Italy. Rustic, simple dishes, the best ingredients we could find both locally and in Italy – and seasonal too – made with care but delivered without lots of fuss. We make our pasta fresh each day, serve the most beautiful antipasti and our aim is to create a place where you’ll feel right at home, tucking in to any combination of great food.

Find us opposite John Lewis to experience Italy Jamie's style."

Our menu, of course we chose lamb for Easter - served in a rustic manner:
I think I have never tasted such fabulous cuisine:
My escort really enjoyed the meal - Photo:RandiAa©
See - nothing left - Photo:RandiAa©
Before we left, we went upstairs and had a look at the bar - a colourful place:
Jamie's Italian upstairs - Photo:RandiAa©
And Magnus gave me a tip about something special he had discovered in the toilet, it was for the venerable - he had even a photo on his mobile - I had to go and see for myself:
Jamie's Italian - The Toilet Bowl - Photo:RandiAa©
The day had been long and full of events and impressions, we took one last evening round in Liverpool One, and ended up with a night cup at our base before we went to the hotel and watched a football match on TV:
Our base - Photo:RandiAa©
Montenegro - England

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Liverpool - 24-28 March-2013 - Easter, a set on Flickr - Photo:RandiAa©
Tea-time Speke Hall LiverpoolTea-time Speke Hall LiverpoolTea-time Speke Hall LiverpoolThe Maze - Speke Hall - LiverpoolSpeke Hall - Liverpool
Speke Hall - LiverpoolSpeke Hall - LiverpoolSpeke Hall -  LiverpoolBreakfast at Starbucks - Liverpool-OneLiverpool FC - AnfieldLiverpool FC - Anfield
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Liverpool FC - AnfieldLiverpool FC - AnfieldLiverpool FC - AnfieldLiverpool FC - AnfieldLiverpool FC - AnfieldLiverpool FC - Anfield

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  1. Så flotte bilder. Har vært der to ganger. Da var ikke museum of Liverpool ferdig bygd. Må nok tilbake snart.

  2. Ja, Liverpool er en flott by - var der i 2011 også, og har flere blogg-poster fra den turen. Du finner det på Label: Liverpool.

  3. Artig lesning, Randi. Godt du ikke fikk oppleve "Yellow submarine". Du er så flink med bilder - både teknisk og valg av motiver - og du er så flink til å illustrere bloggen. Da er det opplevelsesrikt å følge bloggen din.

    1. Tusen takk, Einar. Det var en fin tur til en flott by, mye å oppleve der, og poden likte seg veldig godt - tror jeg.