onsdag 19. oktober 2011

Oktoberfest på Akam fotoforum - Dag 19 - Health and Well-being - Helse og Velvære II

A little more wellbeing in autumn darkness. I bought some giant soaps from iHerb of brand Kiss my Face. Lavender is one of my favourites in soaps, Green tea also...and these will last for some time, that is for sure. There are lots of varieties. I sometimes have some spares also, nice for presents.
From iHerb and Kiss my Face is also this delicious tooth paste:

Omega 3 is for all seasons, but during autumn and winter it is really vital, then a big box like this will take you through the darkest part of the year:
Essential oils and Aroma therapy also gives you uttermost of warmth and well-being. Either you use it for massage or some drops in the bath. Autumn is the right season for this...here is some of my selection. And for colds I have my very special remedies of oils...
The choice of photos I had for my October celebration at Akam for  today were these:
Perhaps you think I should have chosen differently? Or did I make the right choice?
Here are a couple of short video clips, one about essential oils in general, the other with some advice on the treatment of colds:

Health and Wellbeing, a set on Flickr - Photo:RandiAa©
Healthy food KiwiKiwi Healthy foodHealthy food KiwiHealthy food Kiwiand tomatoesAroma therapy essential oilsiHerb Tooth Paste from Kiss my Face
iHerb Omega-3-Giant soaps from iHerb and Fiss my FaceGiant soaps from iHerb and Fiss my FaceGiant soaps from iHerb and Fiss my FaceGiant soaps from iHerb and Fiss my FaceReflections
Hair care from iHerbBuckwheat granola from iHerb

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