tirsdag 18. oktober 2011

Oktoberfest på Akam fotoforum - Dag 18 - Health and Well-being - Helse og Velvære I


Health and Well-being should be given some thoughts at all seasons, but perhaps especially during the dreary, wet autumn season we need to focus a bit extra on health and "beauty" care. I therefore started looking at the tempting pages of iHerb's web-site again….and in five days five orders were sent by "tempted" me.
I'm trying out a new hair shampoo and conditioner - a wonderful scent. One should be sure this will do some good to hair also…and perhaps it will prevent the grey strands of hair showing up.
To start  the autumn morning with this luxury breakfast cereal served with Biola Yoghurt will give you energy and joy - highly recommendable:
Some facts about the product and some varieties:

This brand is also good, I like to vary between those two:
Please be free to use my code when ordering from iHerb, and you get a discount on your first order.
This is the code you can use: ESI690
On my list I have other health and wellbeing products - here are some:
Contrasting health and beauty - found this dead fly on the glass-house floor. Too late for this poor guy to think of  healthy eating and smart behaviour now - the distance between healthiness and decay is not far:
At iHerb they seem to have a very effective, dynamic system and the service is impeccable. But buying from Norway one should keep orders within some limits - 200NOK is the limit for Customs clearance, and when weight is under 1.8 kilogrammes the freight will be very low.
A video showing the effective system at iHerb's:

Health and Wellbeing, a set on Flickr - Photo:RandiAa©
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